Hey, I'm Tanaaz 👋

I'm a freelance content strategist & writer for B2B SaaS brands. I help product-led brands like yours use content to build topical authority and drive sign-ups 🤖

Why should we work together?

I'm a pharma R&D scientist turned content marketer, which means I love turning technical jargon into compelling narratives.

I've worked in several writing & editorial roles for ~6 years—and I've spent almost half that time working for B2B SaaS companies in the Digital Transformation space.

We're a great fit if:

We're not a fit if:

✅ You have product-market fit and know exactly who you're selling to

❌ You're still experimenting with your messaging and ICP

✅ You believe in the power of content—and that it can bring in qualified leads and revenue

❌ You think of content as a cost-center—not something that can lead to a positive ROI

✅ You want to publish content that brings in meaningful traffic through high-quality product education

❌ You think of content as an afterthought, and aren't willing to experiment to generate positive results

✅ You think of content as an investment—not a one-off investment to fill up your website

❌ You want a generalist who "churns out" content like regular content mills

✅ You're process driven & strongly lean in on solid workflows to get the job done

❌ You want an order taker and are unwilling to accept strategic input that drives results


🧠 Content Strategy

Create a full-funnel strategy that builds your authority, captures existing demand, and fills your pipeline

🎯 Long-form content

SEO or thought leadership content that builds your content moat—while driving qualified traffic and high-intent leads

🧩 Content Operations

Set up systems and processes in place to produce and scale high-quality content as needed

Tanaaz impresses consistently with her professionalism and expertise in long-form content writing and marketing strategy. Her writing skills are exceptional, and she is adept at crafting engaging and clear narratives. Her work always resonates with audiences, reflecting her understanding of strategic content development and SEO. And her ability to understand the technical nuances of software and adapt content, combined with her respectful and thoughtful demeanor, makes her an invaluable asset. Her blend of writing prowess and strategic insight set her apart from other writers. I enthusiastically recommend Tanaaz to any team seeking a talented and professional content strategist and writer.

— Eric Griffing, Head of Growth Marketing, Dashbot

— Veronica Levinsky, Head of Marketing at Copyfolio


I've worked with 25+ B2B SaaS companies across the Digital Transformation space.