A sneak peek into my journey 🧩

My first foray into content was in 2017 when I became the Editorial Head while doing my undergraduate in Biotechnology.

Tasked with publishing quarterly newsletters—my co-head and I knew we could do SO much more with what we have.

In a year, we launched a student-run website, a podcast (interviewing global researchers), and increased engagement on our Facebook page.

But the real impact? Watching student and faculty engagement go up in one year.

They went from "We have no idea what research the department does" to "I know exactly what's going on, and feel a sense of community through the content being put out."

That's when I understood the power of content.

Since then, I've knowingly and unknowingly improved my marketing skills:

  • Worked as an academic freelance research mentor and editor, helping 60+ high school students publish their papers in international peer-reviewed journals.

  • Worked as an executive assistant at an education consultancy, managing client relationships, ideating and overseeing marketing initiatives, managing contractors, and conducting sales calls.

  • Freelanced part-time as a content writer in 2021 and worked with 10+ clients in the B2B, B2C, and B2D space.

  • Launched my freelance business in 2022 and worked with multiple B2B SaaS startups and enterprises to leverage content marketing as a high-growth channel.

Fast forward to 2023, and I've officially taken on the role of being a fractional content marketing partner for AI-native B2B SaaS brands.

Interested in working with me?