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Not sure when to hire me for writing or strategy? I've prepared a few FAQs for you 👇

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When's the right time to reach out for strategy?

You have product-market fit and know that content can solve your acquisition and retention problems. Now, you need someone who can take over the reins and create a tailored strategy for you.

When's the right time to reach out for writing?

If you already have a strategy in place and need someone to take over the execution process—this would be the ideal time to reach out to me.

What's your minimum engagement rate?

If it's a monthly retainer for blog posts or strategy, it starts at $2000. I believe in being a long-term content partner who works with your team to drive meaningful results.

What does your strategy & execution process look like?

To learn more about exactly how I work, reach out, and I'll set up a call with you. Alternatively, if you want to understand my content philosophy, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile 😄

What happens after you contact me?

After you contact me, I'll reach out to learn more about you. and we'll schedule a call to discuss your goals in detail.