SaaS companies that win the long game don’t rely on serendipity.

“We’ll build it, and they’ll come.” — if that’s something you truly believe, then you’ll be stuck in a loop of high churn rates, a leaky funnel, and a dry pipeline.

Especially with AI-generated content taking over, it’s hard to stand out in the sea of sameness these days.

It’s time to lean in on your own spiky POV and show your audience why you’re the go-to solution in your industry.

Here’s how I can help you capture that demand 👇

Content strategy & management

Have product-market fit and need to solve user acquisition & retention problems using content?

We’ll build a content engine that relies on:

  • Original research

  • Product-led content

  • Conversion-oriented content

The goal is to use first and third-party data to build a content moat over time.

At the end of it, you’ll create content that speaks to your audience’s desires and frustrations while showing how you can help them.

If you’re a:

  • Marketing lead

  • Seed or Series A startup

  • B2B SaaS space

Reach out 👋

Content strategy framework

Content writing

Blog posts 🤖

Thought leadership & SEO-focused blog posts that communicate your POV—while making you visible on search engines.

Case studies 💵

Highly focused bottom-of-funnel content that resonates with the right ICP and gets them to say "yes" to your solution.

Research reports 🔍

Take charge of your narrative and build authority using proprietary data that answers your buyer's most burning questions.

I'm really happy to recommend Tanaaz, a freelance writer who's been an amazing contributor to Fiverr Guides. Working with Tanaaz has been a breeze. Her professionalism, self-sufficiency, and ability to consistently deliver well-researched, engaging content stand out. If you need top-notch writing skills and a great team player, look no further than Tanaaz. She's definitely a great addition to any content team!

— Roei Zamir, SEO Specialist, Fiverr

— Veronica Levinsky, Head of Marketing at Copyfolio

Interested in a service but got questions? I've got answers for you.

What happens after I contact you?

You’ll get a response in 2 business days with my working process document & rate card. I’ll ask you for more details about the project and we can iron out all the details.

Are you open to a longer contract?

Definitely. I love one-off projects, but I’m all for building meaningful partnerships, so I prefer retainer projects. It helps me get deeply involved with your team and create quality content.

What will our collaboration look like?

We’ll start by setting up a monthly timeline that works for both of us. I'll send the deliverables on the assigned dates & we'll build in an approval workflow within those timelines. It'll depend on the nature of our scope of work.

Can I ask for edits?

Yes! Two rounds of edits are always included in the price. You can ask for more, too, but that would include a rate of $60/hour.

Do you conduct interviews for each piece?

Short answer: yes. I'm a huge advocate for SME-driven content and would prefer if I have access to your internal experts. It'll really reflect the expertise you bring to the table. Alternatively, I source SMEs myself and interview them.

I'd like to see samples for case studies & research reports.

Totally understand, and I do have them available. As these are ghostwritten and sensitive in nature—I can't list them publicly without permission. Send me a message, and I'll send them your way!

What does the onboarding process look like?

→ We iron out the specifics

→ I'll send a proposal

→ You review the proposal & come back to me with Qs/approve it

→ We can sign the contract & NDA (if needed)

→ You pay the deposit

→ We kickstart the project 🥳

What will the process look like?



  • You send a complete content brief at the beginning of the month

  • We'll schedule a kickoff call to understand where you're at in the content journey

  • I'll review & come back with Qs/move ahead with an outline

  • We'll plan the next steps (could be a 1:1 workshop or content audit/competitive research)

  • I'll interview SMEs/ send out quote requests & draft an outline

  • We'll plan the timeline for the next set of deliverables

  • You review it and add your comments

  • We kickstart the project, and I send the deliverables as planned

  • I'll flesh out the draft & send it for review. If there are edits, I'll resolve them & send the final draft

  • Once the strategy is in place (after your approval), I'll build the content roadmap

Interested in working with me?