Tanaaz brings a rare mix of strategic and tactical execution to her content work. We've been working with Tanaaz at Content Camel for months now -- after an exhaustive search for the best writers and content creators -- and her work really stands out.

• Tanaaz brings a really structured approach to the work and is always on time and on point. It helps keep us on track on our side as well.
• Tanaaz brings creative suggestions and real insight to her work. We've helped refine our content briefs and workflow based on our collaboration
• Tanaaz executes beyond our expectations - does an awesome job sourcing industry expert input and expanding upon our briefs.

We're excited to continue our work together far into the future and recommend Tanaaz fully!

— Dave Shanley, Founder & CEO, Content Camel

Tanaaz is one of the most thoughtful strategists I have worked with. As an advisor, she consistently offers more than you expect, takes the initiative to keep the project moving, and ensures that her work is well-received.

Tanaaz understands the constraints of early-stage startups, and made the most out of our limited capacity. We plan on working with her in the future and warmly recommend her for content strategy projects in B2B SaaS.

— David Baum, Co-founder & CEO, Relato

Tanaaz is conscientious and just really easy to work with. She knows what she's doing, and I can trust her with a content piece, which counts for a lot.

She takes the time to ask questions to get the right information. This minimizes the back-and-forth because you know that she will ask if she doesn't know and will go into each piece informed. Plus, she writes well! This is not always a given with content writers. She knows how to present technical information in a way that is interesting, relevant, and informative.

She's honest. Again, she will ask the right questions, and she will also be upfront about expectations, deadlines, and what she needs to do a good job. All of this contributes to a working relationship built on trust and respect. She wrote a case study for an eBook and some competitor content pieces for us. Each piece has been well researched, well written, delivered on time, and to a high standard that we can vouch for.

— Anna Redbond, Head of Marketing, Flagsmith

Tanaaz is enthusiastic, communicative, responsive — and has great writing and research chops! It has been a pleasure having her on our freelance writer team.

We demand accurate, well-researched, high-quality content from our writers and Tanaaz rises to the challenge.


- Writes in clear, actionable language with a strong grasp of conversion-oriented content

- Has a deep research background that translates well to the content she creates

- Is able to jump into and successfully complete complex tasks — like writing about medical coding and building a healthcare marketing budget spreadsheet

I'm excited to keep working with Tanaaz and would definitely recommend her for content marketing-related work!

— Jean Lee, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Tebra

Tanaaz is the writer you can hand a content brief and resources to, and she'll hit the ground running. She goes over and beyond in her research and can do more than write exceptional long-form content — she also creates well-thought-out templates to go along with her pieces.

Tanaaz structures her posts with marketing and design in mind (adding placements for CTA boxes and template download buttons) and requires minimal editing, making it fast and easy to publish her content. Highly recommend her as a writer and digital marketer.

— Saphia Lanier, Freelance Content Strategist & Writer for B2B SaaS brands

Working with Tanaaz is an absolute pleasure. She is a true professional and writer you can trust.

She can successfully navigate technical subject matters and always delivers quality work that matches any brand voice and style requirements and speaks to the target audience.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented writer!

— Katie Griffing, Tech PR & Comms for AI Startups

Tanaaz regularly turns in excellent drafts with minimal editing required. She’s communicative, kind, accommodating, and she knows her stuff when it comes to content writing. She's adaptable to various industries and content types, she's agile when needed, and she's always down for a challenge.

— Samuel Lund, Managing Editor, Omniscient Digital

Tanaaz is one of my favorite authors to work with. She's quick to respond and professional. She's great for high-level pieces and great at building out a story out of her topics. She puts in a lot of effort—I give her a detailed outline and she runs with it.

She thoroughly researches the topic and goes as far as conducting SME interviews to get quotes and stats for the article. She goes that extra mile, and it is seen and appreciated. I only have good things to say! :)

— Elisa Cerquozzi, Marketing Lead, ContentLab

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